Get out the vote - November 6 - Midterm Elections

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 from 7:00am to 8:00pm


help increase voter turn out among Wagner College students, staff, and faculty.

Specifically we are looking for volunteers to make noise in multiple ways around campus
to remind people to go vote (be creative, use the bullhorn, give out stickers,  remind them to the election viewing in the Coffehouse starting at 8:30pm and to take advantage of the shuttles going between the polling place (PS 35) and Wagner College)

Trip 1 (early Morning): 7-8am (2 Port Richmond Vans) - Confirmed
Trip 2 (Lunch Time): 12-1pm (2 Port Richmond Vans) - Confirmed 
Trip 3 (Late Aftternooon): 4-5pm (2 Port Richmond Vans) - Confirmed 
Trip 4 (Evening): 7-8pm (2 Student Shuttle drivers) - Confirmed
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Any time before each shift ends or when space runs out.
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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeRegistrants Needed
Get out the Vote7:00am (ET)8:00am (ET)2/4Over
Get out the Vote8:00am (ET)9:00am (ET)2/4Over
Get out the Vote9:00am (ET)10:00am (ET)1/4Over
Get out the Vote10:00am (ET)11:00am (ET)2/4Over
Get out the Vote11:00am (ET)12:00pm (ET)2/4Over
Get out the Vote12:00pm (ET)1:00pm (ET)4/4Over
Get out the Vote1:00pm (ET)2:00pm (ET)4/4Over
Get out the Vote2:00pm (ET)3:00pm (ET)3/4Over
Get out the Vote3:00pm (ET)4:00pm (ET)3/4Over
Get out the Vote4:00pm (ET)5:00pm (ET)4/4Over
Get out the Vote5:00pm (ET)6:00pm (ET)4/4Over
Get out the Vote6:00pm (ET)7:00pm (ET)4/4Over
Get out the Vote7:00pm (ET)8:00pm (ET)1/4Over