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About Us

Brief History

Northfield Community Local Development Corporation, Inc. of Staten Island was founded in 1978 for the purpose of community improvement and advocacy.  Our founders and key supporters had a vision that the organization would serve more than just the business community.  Economic development at the community level must also consider the needs of residents.  This vision of a holistic approach to community development is exemplified by the phrase “serving the Staten Island Community” which was printed on the organization's first stationery.  Today, we serve the entire borough through a wide array of services.

Northfield LDC operates a number of programs that benefit individuals and stabilize communities on Staten Island.  During its more than three decades of service, the organization has continued to bring economic development initiatives to the Port Richmond Avenue merchants, including sidewalk improvements, increased security measures, graffiti removal, and loan services.  While economic development activities are focused on local businesses, housing and weatherization programs serve the entire borough.  In the past 36 years, Northfield LDC's programs have rehabilitated over 3,500 units owned or occupied by low-income residents and have provided over 300 low and moderate-income families with new or newly renovated affordable housing in which to live.

Mission Statement
The mission of Northfield Community LDC is to enhance the quality of life within the community through:

  • Development of affordable housing
  • Rehabilitation and improvement of the existing housing stock
  • Energy conservation improvements and testing for safety in buildings
  • Promotion of economic development
  • Support  of home buyer and foreclosure prevention efforts

Vision Statement
Northfield Community LDC believes that the strength of a community lies in the quality of its housing, the vibrancy of its local economy and its provision for human needs.  The organization strives to promote these qualities directly and with the support of other resources in the community.  Northfield achieves these goals through the intelligent use of energy, protection of the environment, and economic empowerment as advanced via its programs.

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