Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy


What is the Leadership Academy?

The Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy (PRPLA) is a three year commitment with a five-week summer intensive program, aimed to enhance and enrich the achievement of Port Richmond High School rising juniors, seniors, and future college first year students. The Academy was established by Wagner College and the New World Foundation COIN Program in the fall of 2013, and is continually supported by a generous donation made by the Dugan family. It has become a truly unique program designed to deepen participants academic abilities as well as develop community capacity building skills to affect positive, local change. Academy participants are immersed in two innovative, credit-bearing high school and college courses during the summer, complete a focused community advocacy project or internship, and engage in civic learning field trips throughout the summer and academic year.

Who is a Port Richmond Leader?

A Port Richmond Leader is a rising junior who is seeking a rewarding summer experience on Wagner College’s beautiful campus! We are looking for students who are committed to strengthening their academic performance, attending college, and most importantly, demonstrate an interest in affecting local change through community-based work. There is no GPA requirement for applicants.

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