Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness



The Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness (SIPCW) seeks to create a healthier Staten Island by bringing together partners, stakeholders, and community members to address emerging health needs. SIPCW focuses on Staten Islanders in need, especially those facing health burdens or inequities, to give all community members a chance to live their best lives. 

Tackling Youth Substance Abuse (TYSA) is one of the various initiatives of SIPCW, and it's working to decrease youth and young adult substance misuse on Staten Island. TYSA is made up of a coalition of people and organizations who have come together to form a dynamic partnership of both private and non-profit organizations; city and state government agencies; philanthropists; parents, teachers and teens, many of who have been working to combat alcohol and drug misuse for years.

The TYSA coalition focuses all of its members into using their resources to achieve the same goals. Staten Island doctors, pharmacists, law enforcement officials, drug treatment providers, hospitals, educators and youth organizations work together through TYSA to help one another, and the whole community, to combat youth substance misuse.

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