Tau Kappa Sigma (TKS) at Wagner College


We are located at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. We are a local sorority based on the special bonds of love, loyalty and sisterhood which we always strive to uphold. 


During the fall of 1990, the national TKE fraternity decided that they would no longer recognize any little sister organizations. At the time, there were 19 active little sisters, 18 of which decided to work to form a local sorority based on the special bond they shared. TKS founders were determined to keep the sisterhood they knew alive and refusing to let it die formed Tau Kappa Sigma; this name recognizes TKS history, as it was the name TKE used when they lost their national charter and became a local fraternity on campus. To this day, TKS strives to uphold the ideals of Love, Loyalty, and Sisterhood that the founding sisters made possible to continue.

14 People | 49 Impacts | 189 Hours | 4,262 Total Economic Impact