The motto of this organization is “collective action to improve our livelihood.” A large number of our women and immigrant families from Africa are not literate enough to navigate U.S. society which is technologically advanced.  Although they lack education in certain areas, they have a right to improve their livelihood giving the opportunity to do so.  They also bring with them important traditional knowledge and values that need to be preserved.  We believe that this organization can serve an important goal of providing the means of improving the livelihood of immigrant families through education, skill development, cultural and social enlightenment, thus paving the way for the achievement of economic empowerment and social recognition.  We believe that our collective efforts will result in sustainable growth and development for both women and families, and we commit ourselves to these ideals knowing fully well that we must help ourselves in order to be helped by other.  Please view our website and browse some of the work that we have been doing.  The video below will tell you more about what we are trying to do.
33 People | 1,031 Impact | 2,638 Hours

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