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This group is used for communication within the Bonner Leaders Program at Wagner College. 

The Bonner Foundation has been playing a significant national role since 1990 in helping diverse groups of students to attend college and to engage in community-based service, research and advocacy. Since 2013, The Bonner Leaders Program at Wagner College has played an instrumental role in expanding and deepening the impact of the institution's partnership within the Staten Island community, while concurrently shifting the campus ethos around engagement efforts; anchoring a movement towards a more sustainable, student owned and operated service model. Ultimately, our Wagner College Bonner Leaders work to sustain civic participation, bring about positive social change on and off campus, and work to grow themselves as leaders within the community.
Similar to the core commitments associated with the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, Bonner has articulated six common commitments that they expect Bonner Leaders to exemplify: 

Community Building – “Establish and sustain a vibrant community of place, personal relationships and common interests”

International Perspective – “Develop international understanding that enables us to participate successfully in a global society”

Spiritual Exploration – “Explore personal beliefs while respecting the spiritual practices of others”

Social Justice – “Advocate for fairness, impartiality, and equality while addressing systemic, social, and environmental issues”

Diversity – “Respect and embrace the many dimensions of diversity in our private and public lives”

Civic Engagement – “Participate intentionally as a citizen in the democratic process, actively engaging in public policy and direct service”

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