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WagnerVotes (Student Choices Student Voices)



WagnerVotes is a non-partisan student run group that encourages voter engagement, voter registration, and voter engagement.

Wagner College student leaders and national partner Project Pericles have come together as a part of a national effort to boost political engagement on college campuses- S
tudent Choices - Student Voices (SCSV) encourages colleges and universities to develop innovative programs on campus and/or in the community to engage voters in the election process.  Student Choices - Student Voices seeks to increase voter registration and voting by students and community members. Under Student Choices - Student Voices, Pericleans hold one or more events on campus, and/or in the community that relate to an aspect of the 2016 Presidential Elections. Student Choices - Student Voices encourages and facilitates thoughtful engagement of students in the political process,

i.e. learning about candidates, understanding issues, and championing knowledgeable opinions (Project Pericles Inc. 2015).
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