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Wagner College

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Aleksandra Zagorin

This learning community will explore issues of diversity and community. More specifically, we will analyze the strengths that some communities have and also look at the obstacles they face. Students and professors will work with the local immigrant and refugee communities on their current projects t...

T/R 11:20-12:50 · Sarah Donovan

In this Learning Community we examine the art and science of critical thinking and the ethics of science. Using innovative role playing techniques we will explore the arguments about whether or not evolution was originally studied using proper scientific methods. We will also study contemporary scie...

Amy Eshleman

LC 2

Patricia Moynagh

This Learning Community draws upon classical as well as contemporary works in the history of political thought and American studies to examine how contexts shape what it means to act ethically. We will consider questions like How should individuals respond to unjust laws and the systems that create ...

Kevin Bott