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Bonner Leaders - Wagner College

8/22 9:15-11:30 - figured out freshman seminar, switched with bella senior vs sophomore seminar, collected sophomore sched. emailed them to bella, reviewed files and began to plan First Seminar for Freshman.
8/24 12:00- 3:00 Made Fresh one on one sign up, emailed freshman, planned out first seminar, made yearn ball, got notebook for activity, read through bonner intern mannual, researched a ton of ideas for Bonner seminars., began planning out seminars for semester!
8/24 8:00-9:00 Met with Alegria and Outlined this year for FRN and walked her through everything!
8/26 12:00-12:45 Meeting with Sohalia, worked on Themes
8/27 415-550 Bonner Intern Mtg
8/27 11:00-12:00 - Picked Sr Seminar Times, emailed fresh Bonner & SR. Bonners worked on scheudling One on Ones with Freshies!!!
8/28 12:00-3:00 - Cummlative One on Ones with Sheena, jim, trisha,sara,- half hour each/45 for each

Gave 12.58 hours between 08/21/2019 and 08/27/2019 with MDS 211

This Impact is private

IMPACT PRP Summit 2019

This Impact is private

Bonner Leaders - Wagner College
FRN Team Office Hour
Bonner Leaders - Wagner College

2/12 12:00-12:45 Verified Impacts for frn,emailed george about food for bonner bonding,
2/13 5:00- 6:15 verfied impacts, updated attendance logs, created spreadsheets for food pantry, emailed food pantry volunteers, eric castorina volunterr? emailed kirtsty, checked on video update, emailev volunteers
2/14 12:00:00 PM-1:45 -Spoke with Professor Aarant about civic engagment/ student, Worked on family fued buttons/ Read family script thing, pleacement form
2/18 2:00-3:!5 - sent our frn reminder email for Monday and Tuesday, Sent out Office Hour Email, Van Reservation for Tuesday, Wednesday., office hour stuff. sent out reson email. Emailed for confirmation for vans.
2/19 11:30- 12:45 - Called George, Emailed KATHI,CALLED ELAINA,emailed team about supplies, emailed with vans 9 times,sending out cancelation emails for recovery and food pantry, picked up labels for all Bonner, flipped out alot, emailed everyone a 100 times, confimred van., cut labels
2/20 12-1 WE Day
2/20 1:30-2:30
2/21 12:00-1:00 fINISHED ALL bonner Note cards. Worked on What I do.
2/21 9-11 All bonner
2/25 12:00-1:00 frn reminder emails, attendance logs, office hour agenda
2/25 6:00-7:30 frn oh

Gave 13.75 hours between 02/11/2019 and 02/24/2019 with MDS 211, Wagner College

This Impact is private

FRN Team Office Hour
Bonner Leaders - Wagner College

2/1 5:20-7:20 BLT Meeting.
2/4 10:30:00 AM- 1:00 - Sent out FRN Reminder, Reminder Email , Emailed with Adam, met with elaina bout blt, called shawnee mountain, Emailed Poll for Seminar, Oh Agenda, Verified Impacts, Emailed Arlette approved budget, emailed george to request space,emailed elaina and juliet so they can send out infor, emailed mahina and abigail to tell other cohorts. emailed mahina and abigail about All bonner bonner llove bonding idea
2/4 6:00-7:30 FRN OH
2/4 8-10 Jr. Seminar
2/5 9:30-11:00 Verify Impacts, reminder Email, recovery attendance logs, ILC recovery logs, wrote out email to elaina to share with Bonners with dates, emailed Kathi about signage, assigned Alegria to make the sign, OH Attendance, emailed with Eric CastorinaAGAIN.
2/5 2:30-3:30 Called Pastor John, Verified Imapcts, event description, made gp event. Emailed team to sign up, emailed juliet to email
2/6 9:45-10:30 verify imapcts, attendance logs
2/6 11:00-12:30 met with george/ arlette to discuss food for bonner bonding, met with mahina to discuss what I do to establish roles for new president, emailed bonners about valentines day card things
2/10 6:30-8:00 - downloaded Alergria's poster, verified impacts, emailed sign to Kathi, texte bonners about cards, OH Agenda, Reminder Email, frn reminder emails for monday and tuesday.
2/11 11:00-1:15 Made Cards for Kids in Hospital
2/11 6:00-7:30 FRN OH
2/11 8:00-10:00 Jr. Seminar

Gave 21.00 hours between 01/31/2019 and 02/10/2019 with MDS 211, Wagner College