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    This Impact is private

    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    On December 3rd I went to the Immigration Game of life. The game began by getting your passport; here you find out what profession you are and what county you are from. Throughout the game the players face obstacles in becoming a US Citizen. I was stopped many times by obstacles and had to give up my money, that was already very scarce. In the end I got a green card which was a rare occurrence in the game. The game was a very eye opening experience. I have never experienced the struggles of being an immigrant, but this game made me aware of the some of the problems a immigrant coming to America faces.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 12/05/2018
    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    On December 1st I went to Working. The play was fantastic, the performers were talented and the message of play was amazing. The play focused on people working in America and how they are treated. The employees in the show came from all different professions with all different backgrounds. The show, helps separate people from their profession, the audience gets to see how people go beyond their day jobs. The play was very moving and inspiring to me, and I now know to look past the worker and look at the human being.

    Gave 1.50 hours on 12/02/2018
    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    On December 1st I went to the African American Burial Ground in New York City. Before going I never thought I would be as moved as I was. The African American Burial ground was discovered when a government was digging ground for a building. When digging they came across bones of people that were brought over on slave ships from Africa. The burial ground had a monument that really touched my heart. The moment was shaped to look like an upside down slave ship. There are doors on the side of the ship that you walk through. Inside the ship there are fountains with water trickling, this is to remind you of the passage home. Lastly, you go down the stairs to see religious symbols, these are there to help your soul become released. The entire experience of The African American Burial Ground was very moving to see how a country that was once filled with so much hatred for African Americans can now make something so beautiful in their honor.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 12/02/2018
    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    On November 26th I attended Adult Literacy and Citizen Classes with Napela. This was my last time going to Napela. At this point I have spent 12 hours with Napela, and never had the opportunity to work with any of the students. The majority of the time I just sat there and did homework. At the beginning of the semester I was very excited to work with such an amazing organization that got to help women achieve goals that they never believed were possible. I acknowledge that Naplela is doing great work, but I do not feel in my time there that I made a difference. One of the major issues is the ratio of Wagner students to Napela students. Majority of the time there is 10 Wagner students and 2 Napela Students. The two Napela students tend to want to work with the same teacher every time (which is usually a Bonner due to the frequency they are at Napela.) There are a lot of organizations in the Staten Island community that could really use our help( soup kitchens, homeless shelters) I just wish I could have made more of a difference with my experiential learning hours.
    This week at Napela we really didn't do much. The time was mostly spent eating sour skittles and playing tic tac toe. We also talked about what we wanted for christmas. I learned a lot about some of my classmates families. At the end of the two hours I helped Kyla smuggle out a balloon in her backpack. That is all we did at Napela on November 26th.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 11/26/2018

    This Impact is private

    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    On Wednesday November 7th, I attended the third annual Egon J. Salmon & Family Commemoration of Kristallnacht. This event was about the commemoration of many Nazi survivors, including Egon J Salmon, a refugee who struggled to come to America during World War II. Many survivors came and told their story of how they escaped and survived the Holocaust. The survivors talked about how hard it was being a refugee during World War II, and how it relates to the refugee crisis today. Not going to lie this led to a screaming match between the elderly survivors. They were fighting about what they believed to be the true definition of “anti semitism”. Overall (elderly brawl included) the commemoration was very moving and hearing their stories showed me how the holocaust affected so many lives on the Staten Island community.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 11/19/2018 with Wagner College

    This Impact is private

    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    On November 5th I went to Adult Literary & Us Citizen Classes with Napela. At this point I have gone to Napela three times and each time I was not able to work with someone. This time at Napela i studied for a philosophy exam. Luckily my classmate M is very knowledgeable about philosophy and and political thinkers and was able to help me study. I am not sure what grade I got on my exam, but without going to Napela and working with M my grade on the exam would have probably been worse.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 11/05/2018
    EN 425: Senior Seminar

    Today I volunteered at Napela for the Adult Literacy& US Citizen classes. I was not able to work with anyone while I was there but I did get to do some of my homework. While at Napela I worked on a paper which I later on got an "A" on. Although I did not get to work with anyone at Napela, the night was a success because I got a good grade on my paper.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 10/29/2018 with Wagner College